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The importance of fast and timely surgery

Mudrik was born with an undescended testicle.

His mother, concerned, immediately sought counsel from her doctors at the hospital.

They told her to wait and allow the issue to fix itself. Testes can descend on their own any time up to the age of 6 months.

Whilst not an instant threat to a baby's wellbeing, left untreated, an undescended testicle is not only painful, but can significantly increase the risk of infertility and testicular cancer.
When Mudrik reached 13 months and showed no sign of improvement, his mother began to worry. Desperate for her son to have a happy, healthy childhood, she returned to hospital seeking an operation to correct Mudrik's issue.

The pair travelled to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, in Nigeria. There, in a KidsOR Operating Room, he received the care he needed. He was diagnosed, and, three weeks later,  Mudrik returned and underwent a successful, complication-free operation.

Speaking of the experience, Mudrik's mother said, "I'm so grateful that he was able to get quick access to surgery when he needed it. The facility here is perfect for children. He loved the art on the walls and was so calm during the procedure."

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