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No more deaths due to surgically treatable conditions

No more deaths due to surgically treatable conditions

We're on a mission to provide #Surgery4All

There is no Health for All without Surgery for All

There is no Health for All without Surgery for All

Everyone deserves access to healthcare. 

Kids Operating Room

We save children’s lives in the world’s poorest countries.

More children die every year from surgically treatable injuries than from malaria, HIV and TB combined. A reality we are working hard to change.

We work in countries where demand is overwhelming. Working directly with local surgeons and their teams to create fully-equipped operating rooms for children. Enabling those teams to use their dedication and talents to treat greater numbers of children, transforming lives one operation at a time.


Put life-saving tools in life-saving hands

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Life-changing operations

Number of Operating Rooms - 50

Number of Countries - 20

It costs just £70 to provide a child with life-saving care.

Please donate today and change their whole life.


Accidents happen. Ensure the treatment does too.


A broken leg needn’t lead to a lifetime of disability.


Children shouldn't have to wait 3 years for life-changing surgery.


Save families from losing a child to appendicitis.

Our Animals

The art of care.

Children get scared when they need an operation. Very scared. We create incredible spaces that reassure children. Showing them that they are loved, that they will be cared for, and that they are safe now.

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Why we exist

The greatest pain is knowing how to save a child's life, but not having the equipment to do it.

As a surgeon, I will do everything I can to save a child’s life. But my training is worthless without the surgical instruments and infrastructure to provide the care that’s needed every single day.

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Case studies


What We Do



Create operating rooms

Dedicated spaces where paediatric surgeons can operate full-time.

Tailored medical equipment

Each surgeon tells us exactly what they need to help the children they treat.

Specialist Training

Funding local surgeons and anaesthetists to become paediatric specialists.
What You Can Do

Get involved


Your gift will open up access to life-saving care in the world's poorest countries.

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Find out more about the opportunities to get involved with Kids Operating Room both here and abroad.

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Run, bake, walk, raffle, sing... whatever you can do to support our work we'll support you every step (or song) of the way.

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Find out how you can make a lasting gift that can change the course of countless lives.

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For every pound we spend 98p goes to our charitable activities.

2p from every pound will go towards our administrative costs and raising the next £1.00.

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KidsOR is overhauling how children have access to surgery across Africa.

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Our Partners

Learn more about the nation partners we are working with to bring life-saving care to those in need.

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