Our Vision

‘Nicola and I believe our work is not only the right thing to do but KidsOR is already proving that investment in surgical services for children is affordable, saves lives and has long-term benefits for the economic growth of a country’.
Garreth Wood Co-founder of KidsOR’

Our Vision

‘A world where every child has equal access to safe surgery.’

Our Mission

  1. Provide dedicated, specialist facilities and equipment for children’s surgery in low resource settings.
  2. Support existing surgical teams to deliver safe surgery for children.
  3. Monitor, collate and understand our impact on surgical outcomes.
  4. Advocate on the global plight of children denied access to safe surgery.
"It is unacceptable that any child should die, or live their life in agonising pain or disability, because of a surgically treatable condition. We believe every single child has a right to life. Access to safe surgery is a key component of this."

David Cunningham, CEO

You can join our fight to provide safe surgery to every single child when they need it by volunteering on one of our projects, in our head office or in our warehouse and by following us on social media and sharing our posts.

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