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Toddler given the fright of his life.

This two-year-old boy in Malawi inhaled a nail after being given a fright by his brother. The nail lodged in his lung. Without surgery this little boy would have faced a painful death as the nail rusted through his lung.

Thankfully, Kids Operating Room had just installed a brand-new operating room for children in Malawi. It is our policy to liaise directly with local surgeons in order to provide the exact equipment they feel they need and which match the specialist expertise within their team. The team here asked for a bronchoscope, a flexible fibre-optic tool with a camera on the end that can be used to view structures in the respiratory system. 

After a 10-minute procedure with the aid of the new bronchoscope, the surgeon successfully removed the nail and the boy was able to go home the same day. A simple procedure that thankfully means he can look forward to growing up happy and healthy.

Giving local surgeons the tools to serve humanity.

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