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One Intervention grants a second chance

This is Ariana, a thriving, happy little three-year-old who lives in Malawi. When Ariana was born, she was sick, unable to feed, and started to lose a lot of weight. She was seen by a highly experienced adult surgeon, but without the right tools or training to operate on such a tiny baby, there was a limit to what he could do to help her.   

Ariana’s condition continued to get worse until she had lost almost 40% of her bodyweight and weighed just four pounds.   

This is such a dangerous situation for a baby. Thankfully, she was seen by a children’s surgeon in a Kids Operating Room, who found a blockage in her bowels. This is a common problem in babies that can be easily fixed by a paediatric surgeon with the right equipment.  

Ariana made a speedy recovery and her mother Catherine has been sending us photos ever since. Her operation was not expensive or complicated, but Ariana’s story could have been very different if it weren’t for the specialist equipment KidsOR had provided.  

"Let more people know Ariana’s story so that others can benefit from it, a success story worth sharing."

Ariana's Mother

A single intervention like this one can be the difference between life and death for so many children across the world. That’s why we won’t stop until every child has equal access to safe surgery. You can donate so that children like Ariana can access safe surgery when they need it. 

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