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Newborn baby given a new start.

This is 2 month old baby Harry with his mum at the Kamazu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Harry may be crying in this photo but happily, Harry has had a successful operation and is able to go home.

Harry developed a blockage in his stomach soon after birth that meant he couldn't keep any milk down. At two months old he weighed only 4 pounds. He was very malnourished and dehydrated.

The surgical team at Kamazu Central Hospital were worried that Harry might not make it, he was so underweight and unwell.

The team carried out an operation to widen the tubes to Harry's tummy, in the operating room KidsOr installed at his hospital using specialist equipment needed for operating on new born babies.

Harry now weighs 5 and a half pounds and is big enough and well enough to go home. He has a strong pair of lungs as you can see in this photo, and a very relieved and happy mum.

There are so many children just like Harry who can't get access to safe surgery. Our goal is a world where every baby can get the surgery they need and have a chance to grow up.

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