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2-year-old Gift cured of unbearable pain

Ramazani Msaba faced a parent's worst fears when son Gift began to suffer unbearable pain. An intestinal leak was causing him severe abdominal stress.

Ramazani, a refugee living in Kakuma Refugee Camp, became worried when Gift stopped playing with friends. But, accessing the care 2-year-old Gift required was difficult.

"We were struggling. We attended appointment after appointment with no clear end in sight. I felt stressed - us parents feel the pain of our children more than they do."

Thankfully, in June 2021 KidsOR installed a new dedicated paediatric Operating Room at the camp – the world’s first such facility within a refugee setting. Gift attended the facility where he was x-rayed, diagnosed and operated on.

“I was so worried when my child entered the Operation Room. When he was brought back to me alive, I just felt relief.”


The surgery was successful, and Gift was cured of the pain that was causing him and his family such distress.

"He is not complaining of any pain and is now playing with other children again - it's a relief for me and his mother. We are so happy that our child is now better."

Ramazani feels incredible gratitude for the care that Gift was able to receive in the KidsOR Operating Room.

"It's a great deed and has really helped so many children in the camp. The children here are vulnerable, but the presence of the Kids’ Operation Room is helping and providing immediate care when needed."

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