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We're on a mission to achieve #Surgery4All

5 billion people globally cannot access safe, affordable and timely surgery. Worse yet, half the world population cannot access basic healthcare. This is not acceptable.

17 million people die from surgically treatable conditions every year, more than five times as many deaths as due to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Yet global health donors continue funding disease-specific interventions and ignore healthcare systems as a whole. 

But wealthy donors aren’t listening. They aren’t listening to years of research. They aren’t listening to experts. They aren’t listening to the people they claim to help.

We cannot sit idly while people die from surgically treatable conditions. It's time we take a stand. It's time we give local people a platform to express their needs and concerns. It's time we invest in healthcare systems, starting with improving access to surgical care.

We're calling on the global health community to stand together and demand better.

We're calling on people living in low-resource countries to become advocates for better access to surgical care. 

We're calling on global health funders and wealthy donors to divert funding to creating strong health systems by investing in surgery first.

Let's change the world

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