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A groundbreaking Operating Room ending months of pain.

"As a parent, I am overwhelmed by the success of the care given to my child." 

Naturally, Chabala Aleper, was very worried by a lump in 10 year-old son Gideon's stomach that was causing him sharp pain. Gideon, who lives in Kakuma Refugee Camp, was struggling to eat and his body wasn't developing properly. 

Gideon was born with a ball-like organ, near his navel, that had began to cause him stomach pain. He had lost his appetite, was unable to attend school and socialise, and was underweight. "Some people would tell me that my child isn’t normal or he was born with two navels. But to me it couldn’t be true because he was enduring so much pain." Chabala told us.

For years, families in Kakuma would have to travel far and spend money they didn't have to receive care for their sick children. Thankfully, in 2021, KidsOR installed the world's first paediatric Operating Room in a refugee setting at the camp. Gideon was able to access surgical care at the facility, where we was successfully diagnosed and treated. Gideon is now free of pain, regained his appetite and is back playing with his friends again.

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