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How we are run

Everything we do is geared to increasing paediatric surgical capacity in low- and middle-income countries. 

How we spend your donation

Your donation will directly fund the creation of more operating rooms dedicated to surgery for children, help more surgeons access the equipment they need to operate safely, and fund the training of more medical staff to provide life-changing and life-saving surgery to thousands of children.

Global Management

As an international global charity registered in Scotland (SC048523), we are run by a Board of Trustees who make decisions on where the charity will invest and ensure that the program of delivery is sustained with those projects offering the greatest impact prioritised for investment. The Board devolves day-to-day responsibility for running the charity to the Chief Executive.

The Board of Trustees take advice from the International Advisory Board, a global network of advisors, global health experts, and many of the world’s leading paediatric surgeons. With many of the International Advisory Board members continuing as National Ambassadors, and now with National Champions from across every low and middle-income country too, the Board have access to a global intelligence network allowing them to make the best decisions on how and where to invest.

Annual Reports

The Board publish their annual reports each year and these can be found below:

Business Strategy

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