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Women in Surgery: Dr Ehua-Kova Manuela

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, we profiled remarkable women in surgery who are an inspiration, who break barriers, and who are at the top of their field.

Was there a time in your career where you felt you weren’t being given the support or resources you were looking for due to being a woman?   

Although there were times where I felt disadvantaged, I loved the discipline. I had to fight to not to let my gender become a concern.

How many women are in your team currently?

5. I'm fortunate. I feel as though we have the same chances to succeed.

Has there been a female role model who has had an impact on your career? 

Women who are able to consistently combine their family life with career are inspiring to me. They show it's possible to thrive in both environments, and still manage to gain respect in this field.

What advice would you give to a young woman or girl who is looking to enter a leadership position? 

Like men, we have our place in this profession. We have to work more than men. It's all about impeccable organisation and a strong mind.  

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