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How KidsOR saved Baby Mohamed's life

Mohammed was a happy and healthy 2-year-old boy living with his mother in the Ivory Coast, when a sudden, sharp pain developed in his abdomen. He began suffering chronic stomach pain and severe urinary issues.

Worried, she rushed him to the local hospital, where she was told how Mohammed could not be treated. Cripplingly under-resourced, this facility simply did not have the capacity to give Mohammed the care he required. He desperately needed surgery.

With condition worsening, Mohammed travelled to CHU Treichville - a larger, district hospital with a KidsOR installed dedicated paediatric Operating Room. It was here that Mohammed received his diagnosis. He was suffering from a painful obstruction in his urethra. The blockage, which had become infected, meant urine was not passing through, but instead staying within Mohammed’s body. Left untreated, this had potentially fatal consequences.

The surgical team at CHU had to first cure the infection before being able to operate. 

Treatment was long and required Mohammed to stay in hospital. His mother had to stop working so she could travel between home and hospital to visit her sick child. One month later, with the infection now cured, Mohammed underwent a life-saving operation. His diagnosis, treatment and surgery would not have been possible without the resources provided by KidsOR. 

“I’m so grateful for the operation and excellent care Mohammed received,” his mother said. “Like every parent, I just want to see him living a happy, normal life.”

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