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Conjoined sisters successfully separated.

Conjoined twin sisters Mercy and Goodness Ede were born joined at the chest, abdomen and liver. The operation to separate them was carried out at the National Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria using equipment supplied by Kids Operating Room.

The girls shared a diaphragm and liver, but because all their other organs were separate, doctors determined they could live independently. Plastic surgeons on the team had to create artificial skin to cover a large area of the girl’s chests which was open and at risk of infection once they were separated. The surgery took 13 hours and was carried out by a team of 78 staff in total.

“We are just so happy and proud that the operation was able to be done in Nigeria and the parents didn’t have to go outside of the country. We are very happy that Kids Operating Room were able to supply the equipment that meant we could carry out the operation at our hospital.”

Dr Tayo Haastrup from the National Hospital

Mercy and Goodness are now back at home and doing well after the surgery. Separating conjoined twins is a complicated and dangerous procedure and needs special equipment that the hospital did not have. Having the right tools for the job meant surgeons were able to achieve a successful outcome in this huge operation.

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