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Want to make a difference for children worldwide?

Run a marathon. Bake a cake. Host a games night. There are many ways to fundraise for Kids Operating Room. In turn, you will give vulnerable children the operations they desperately need and surgeons the tools to do it safely.


Run the NYC Marathon for Kids Operating Room.

Inspire Yourself and Your Community

  • Birthday or anniversary donations – Ask your friends and family to donate on your special day in lieu of a gift.
  • Get active - Pedal, push, swim, run, trek or walk your way through a challenge for children around the world.
  • Host a class – Whether it’s yoga, Spanish, cookery or craft, turn your passion and expertise into fundraising success. In person or online, ask for donations from attendees.
  • Quiz night - Brainteasers are crowd pleasers! Host a quiz night for friends and colleagues and find out if they know where their scapula is...
  • Stream – Put your skills to the test against other gamers and collate donations while having fun. 
  • Payroll giving – Find out whether your employer has a Payroll Giving scheme. Payroll giving allows UK employees to give more for less as the tax that would normally be paid to the government is gifted to Kids Operating Room.
  • Matched giving – Your employer may run a matched giving scheme where they will match the money you raise or donate, doubling your contribution.

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Pay in your Fundraising

Pay in your Fundraising

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