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Meet Endinako

Last month Kids Operating Room partnered with CURE International Inc. to provide equipment for two operating rooms within the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe. The hospital treats children with severe deformities, referred from public hospitals for specialist attention – it is the country's first facility to provide life-changing medical care to children free of charge.

The first successful corrective surgery to be performed in the new Kids Operating Room at the hospital was on patient Endinako, otherwise known as Endi.

Endi had developed an injury whilst playing in his home - he tripped over a chair and broke his wrist. He was rushed to the hospital and his wrist was put in a cast but unfortunately it did not set correctly, it healed with a significant and unnatural bend in his forearm. If this injury was to be left untreated it would cause Endi complications later in life.

Thankfully Endi was introduced to the doctors at CURE Children’s Hospital, where he was told an operation could be carried in the newly installed Kids Operating Room to correct his wrist. We are delighted that his surgery went smoothly, and surgeons were able to straighten his wrist. He is now recovering comfortably in the hospital ward and will be going home soon.

We truly are thrilled to be working with CURE to provide first-class care to children like Endi. This partnership will transform lives and improve the future for thousands of children with a surgically treatable disability.

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