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How the right skill and equipment prevented a lifetime of illness

When a lump appeared on Ebenezer's neck, his mother was understandably concerned. 

Ebenezer's childhood so far had been problem free. Now 5, Ebenezer had enjoyed a happy, healthy childhood and spent the first years of his life enjoying good health. But when a small lump appeared and began to swell in size, his mother, Esther*, made the decision to take him to hospital. 

The pair travelled to their local health clinic, where Ebenezer was examined and referred on to a larger, government hospital. There, they received another referral, this time specifically being asked to travel to Lagos UTH. 

Esther was, naturally, worried. Having now been unable to receive care in two subsequent facilities, she began to fear the worst for Ebenezer. 

They arrived at LUTH, a hospital with a KidsOR Operating Room. The staff here were able to immediately diagnose Ebenezer with a thyroglossal duct cyst – a congenital issue that had remained dormant until now. 

Whilst examining Ebenezer, the doctors discovered an additional issue. Ebenezer was suffering from an asymptomatic umbilical hernia. Left untreated, the hernia could cause all sorts of issues ranging from abdominal pain, tissue damage and life-threatening infections. Despite the fact it was not causing Ebenezer pain, the medical team were clear that both issues were to be treated with similar urgency.

Thankfully, with the resources provided by KidsOR, Ebenezer underwent two successful operations. Both issues were free of complications, and Ebenezer was able to return home shortly after. 

*Name changed to protect identity.

“Ebenezer was immediately captivated by the colours and animals and enjoyed playing with the toys while getting ready for his surgery. We're so happy the surgeries were successful and now feel free from worry. He can now live normally like his mates and enjoy his childhood.”


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