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General Event Terms and Conditions

General Event Terms and Conditions.

The below terms & conditions (T&Cs) applies to all Kids Operating Room (KidsOR) advertised
events, its participants, donors and applicants. By registering for the Event, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions.
1 Entry and Fees.
1.1 As a participant/applicant I agree, accept and understand the following: Entry Fees,
Registration Fees and donations given to the charity are not refundable unless otherwise stated.
1.2 As a participant/applicant I acknowledge I cannot swap, sell or transfer my place in an event or
allow anyone else to participate on my behalf.
1.3 Guaranteed Entry and Confirmation
1.3.1 Definition of Guaranteed Entry
a) The term 'Guaranteed entry' means an entry that is confirmed as an 'official entry' into
the event.
b) Such entries are typically procured directly by KidsOR from the official race/event
organisers or through a third-party events company.
c) KidsOR reserves the discretionary right to allocate its event entries to participants and/or
applicants as it deems fit.
1.3.2 Clarification on 'Guaranteed':
a) The term 'Guaranteed' does not automatically ensure that the applicant will receive one
of the charity's official entries into the event.
b) A participant’s entry into an event will be confirmed in writing by KidsOr.
1.3.3 Precautionary Measures for Applicants:
a) KidsOR requests all applicants to refrain from making any arrangements such as travel
and accommodation until they have received written confirmation from the charity.
b) KidsOR shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from arrangements made
prior to receiving written confirmation.
c) This responsibility extends to all non-participants associated, in any manner, with the
participant(s) or applicant(s), for whom the charity disclaims any responsibility at any stage.
1.4 Entry Fee Subsidy Repayment Clause

1.4.1 In the event that KidsOR subsidises a participant's event entry fee and confirms their
participation, but the participant can no long join the event, KidsOR reserves the right to
recover the remaining balance owed outwith funds raised and donated.
1.4.2 Where there is a remaining balance on the full entry cost, KidsOR reserves the right to
charge the remaining balance to the participant's credit/debit card and/or pursue the
remaining balance via invoice.
1.4.3 This clause is in place to prevent the charity from incurring financial strain due to
unforeseen circumstances.
2 Fundraising and Donations.
2.1 Donation Policy and Participant Communication
2.1. If the event is cancelled, or the participant decides not to participate, the participant is responsible for contacting their sponsors to inform them that they are no longer taking part and for confirming with the sponsors whether they are happy for the money they have donated to still be given to Kids Operating Room. If these donations have been deposited with KidsOR already, the donors must contact KidsOR individually to get a refund. If a participant is using sponsorship forms for fundraising, all sponsorship forms and monies collected should be forwarded to Kids Operating Room or returned to the sponsors in accordance with their wishes.
2.2 Unrestricted Fund Utilisation
2.2.1 Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all funds raised by event participants and their
donors/supporters are considered unrestricted. These funds will be utilised by Kids Operating
Room to further our mission and charitable objectives, with a focus on directing resources to
areas of greatest need.
2.2.2 Unless a specific agreement is in place, Kids Operating Room is unable to provide
detailed reports on the utilisation of individual contributions. The charity appreciates the
support and trust of its donors in allowing flexibility to allocate funds where they are most
urgently required.
2.3 Exclusion of Additional Fees from Participant Fundraising and Donations
2.2.1 All additional fees, including online fees, card fees, other fees, and/or Gift Aid, cannot be
incorporated into any participant's fundraising, donations, or payments made to KidsOR. This
policy ensures transparency and clarity regarding the exclusions from the stated contributions.
2.4 Upon confirmation of entry into the event, the charity strongly recommends that all participants
initiate their fundraising efforts promptly. Unless otherwise instructed, participants are encouraged
to create an online giving page using JustGiving (
2.4.1 If a participant opts to set up a joint online fundraising page, such as with another
participant, the charity kindly requests immediate notification. Participants can communicate
this information through email or phone via the KidsOR website or directly with their main point
of contact at the charity. Clear communication ensures accurate record-keeping and
transparent accounting.

2.5 Currency and Non-UK Platform Compliance:
2.5.1 As a registered Scottish charity, fundraising targets are, by default, set in Great British
Pounds (GBP), unless specified otherwise in event-specific terms and conditions. Participants
residing outside the UK are required to adhere to GBP targets but have the flexibility to
fundraise and promote their efforts in their local currency.
2.5.2 Unless otherwise specified, all fundraising activities must be conducted through agreed-
upon platforms, such as JustGiving, irrespective of the participant's geographical location. This
standardisation ensures consistency and streamlined processing of funds regardless of the
participant's base.
2.6 The participant will use only lawful means to fundraise for KidsOR and will not do anything
that harms or is likely to harm the charity’s reputation.
2.7 KidsOR can terminate the participant's authority to fundraise on the charity's behalf at any
time by sending written notice to the address or email given at the point of registration.
3 Event Organiser Terms and Conditions
3.1 Event Policy and External Organiser Terms and Conditions
3.1.1 To access the official terms and conditions for the event, please refer to the event
organisers' official website. Likewise, partners affiliated with KidsOR are
expected to have their unique terms and conditions available upon request before any
3.1.2 All participants are required to review and accept the terms and conditions associated
with event participation. By registering, participants acknowledge their understanding and
acceptance of the specified terms.
4. Event Participation
4.1 Participant Liability, Risk Acknowledgment, and Insurance Requirement
4.1.1 All participants acknowledge and accept that neither the event organisers nor KidsOR
shall be held liable for any death, personal injury, event cancellation (in whole or part), or loss or
damage arising directly or indirectly from their participation in the event.
a) Assumption of Risk: Participants affirm that they engage in the event at their own risk.
b) Insurance Requirement: The charity mandates that all participants obtain insurance
covering participation in the event, as well as travel, illness, injury, accommodation, personal
belongings, especially for events conducted overseas.
c) KidsOR is unable to provide insurance covering participation in the event, and the participant is responsible for securing appropriate insurance cover.
4.2 Pre-Event Communication and Changes in Circumstance
4.2.1 The participant commits to promptly notifying KidsOR, in advance of the event, should
they anticipate being unable to participate due to injury, illness, or challenges in meeting their
pledged fundraising amount or for any other reasons. Immediate communication ensures that
appropriate measures can be taken to address the situation.

4.2.2 All participants undertake to inform KidsOR promptly of any changes in the information
previously provided to the charity or alterations in their circumstances that might hinder their
ability to reach fundraising targets or participate in the event. Transparent communication
about any changes enables the charity to offer support and make necessary accommodations.
4.2.2 The charity requests accepted participants to provide monthly updates on their
fundraising and training progress, starting from the confirmation of their entry into the event.
Consistent communication allows the charity to stay informed and offer support as participants
prepare for the upcoming event.
5. Participant Entry Withdrawal and Allocation
5.1 KidsOR reserves the right to withdraw a participant's entry into the event under
certain circumstances and maintains the discretion to allocate entries appropriately in
oversubscribed events.
5.2 The charity may withdraw a participant's entry if it deems the participant is failing to meet the
minimum fundraising target within the specified timeframe. This timeframe, generally within one
month after the event day or before, excludes entry fees, registration fees, and gift aid.
5.3 KidsOR retains the right to withdraw a participant's entry for any reason it deems fair and
5.4 The charity commits to making efforts -utilising email and telephone communication - to
address concerns about a participant's fundraising progress before withdrawing their entry. This
process involves collaboration with the participant and utilising the information provided.
5.5 No individual possesses an inherent right to a KidsOR entry. In the event of oversubscription,
the charity reserves the right to allocate entries as it deems appropriate.
5.6 The participant and/or applicant commit(s) to engage in the event exclusively in support of
KidsOR. Once accepted onto the KidsOR Team and allocated one of the charity's event entries, the
participant and/or applicant agree(s) not to participate for, or switch allegiance to, another charity
or organisation prior to the event. This commitment ensures consistency and clarity in the
charitable focus of the participant's efforts.
5.7 All participants agree to fulfil their stated fundraising/donation amount and send the amount to
the charity within one month after the event day or before.
5.7.1 This is subject to change on an event-by-event basis. Please refer to the specific event
T&Cs for clarification on due dates and any associated offers and expectations.

5.8 KidsOR retains the right to modify the values of its entry fees,
registration fees, and/or fundraising targets at any time, based on its discretion or operational
5.9 KidsOR reserves the right to amend its Terms and Conditions whenever deemed necessary by
the charity. Any such changes will be implemented with due consideration and communicated
appropriately to all stakeholders.
6. Personal Data and Images
6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, event participants hereby grant consent to be filmed or
photographed by KidsOR or someone contracted by KidsOR. The rights to such footage or
photographs shall belong to KidsOR. Participants expressly permit the unrestricted use of their
name, picture, image, feedback, and comments in any future publicity, advertising, fundraising
materials, and/or promotions. Participants will notify KidsOR in advance of the event if they would prefer not to feature in any publicity.
6.2 Participants grant permission for the storage and utilisation of their personal information by
KidsOR in connection with the organisation, promotion, and administration of events.
6.3 Participants further consent to the sharing of their personal information with event organisers,
as necessary, by KidsOR for the purposes of organising, promoting, and administering events.
6.4 KidsOR places paramount importance on the privacy of all stakeholders. The charity commits
to never selling or swapping participant details with third parties. Participants retain the right to
withdraw their consent at any time by contacting us at Detailed
information on the protection and use of personal data is outlined in our Privacy and Cookies
Policies, accessible on the KidsOR website within the Privacy Policy section.
Charity Registered in Scotland: SC048523

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