Tips for Fundraising Success

Getting started

  1. Decide what you’re going to do – Whether it's your passion or a new challenge, pick your project.
  2. Contact our Fundraising Team – We’d love to hear what you have planned and we’ll support you throughout. Email us at
  3. Set up a JustGiving page – Your friends and family can donate to your fundraiser with ease. Simply visit Kids Operating Room on JustGiving to set up your personal fundraising page.
  4. Get your first donations in – family and close friends are often the most generous donors, and will give your confidence a kickstart.
  5. Share your story – Use your social media to share with a wider network of people. You can find powerful examples of our work on Facebook and Instagram to inspire donations. Don’t forget to send emails too – it’s a great way to contact friends, family and colleagues who you can’t reach via social media.
  6. Fundraise at work – Whether you're arranging a pub quiz, holding a raffle or running a bake sale. Remember to find out whether your employer has a matching gift policy.

Keeping up momentum

  1. Follow-up with an email – people are busy and can need a reminder. Capture your supporters attention again with another email.
  2. Share regular updates – You can remind your friends of what you are doing and why. Posting a photo explaining your motivation for fundraising is a powerful way to engage supporters.
  3. Don’t panic – Hitting a fundraising target is no mean feat. Try smaller activities like a dinner party or raffle is a great way to boost your fundraising and say a personal thank you to supporters.
  4. Say thank you – Saying thank you is a brilliant way to brighten your supporters’ day and remind those who haven’t supported of the difference their donations could make.
  5. Don’t stop – Once you’ve hit your target keep going, donations can still come in. 20% of donations are made once the event is over.

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