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Every child deserves access to surgery

Kids Operating Room exist to bring safe surgery to every child.

1.75 billion children around the world cannot get the operations they need because the facilities, resources and knowledge base simply do not exist. Children who break a leg shouldn’t live the rest of their lives in disability and pain. Babies who need a simple 30-minute procedure shouldn’t be left to die. Conditions that can be cured with surgery shouldn't be death sentences.

Our vision is for a world where every child is treated equally. Our mission is to support local doctors through the provision of training and infrastructure to ensure they can use their incredible talents to care for their nation’s children.

We install and equip children's Operating Rooms in the world's poorest countries

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We're changing children's lives one operation at a time.

“I cannot explain how the fire spread so fast. She couldn’t even call for help at first.”

When Zainabu Haroub Said arrived at the local hospital in her city of Arusha, Tanzania, she had suffered such severe burns that she would spend much of the next in hospital.


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