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Low poly animal

Garoma Kitesa

Data Collector - Ethiopia

Garoma Kitesa


Yekatit 12 Hospital – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Why you chose your animal

Cheetah - I have to be fast-acting in response to the problems we face each day.


I graduated with BSc in Public Health from GONDAR university in June 2009. I worked as a clinician at a public hospital in Addis Ababa for three years, then joined the medical school and graduated in 2018. I then joined the postgraduate school in General public health and graduated in 2021. I'm currently in the first year of postgraduate in health care quality.

I am interested in data collection in surgical services, especially KidsOR, because I understand the value of clear, precise information in terms of planning, interpretation, and decision making. 'No data- no work.'

I have my own family with two lovely daughters. Whenever time allows, I enjoy myself with my family on weekends.

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