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Low poly animal

Effie Mpofu

Data Collector

Effie Mpofu

Why did you choose your animal?

I am choosing a Dolphin. I love the dolphin because I think it's beautiful, friendly and intelligent.

Why did you want to be a data collector?

I have always loved children children but never had a chance to work with them. Being a data collector gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with kids and guardians learning of their special conditions and circumstances.

What do you love about working with KidsOR?

KidsOR has shown me the other side of caring and interacting with these special children. It has also given me the opportunity to e-meet with different wonderful people.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work...

Outside work I am a loving mother of 2 teenagers, an intensive care nurse who is passionate about critical care nursing, landscaping and travelling.

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