Low poly animal

Stéphanie Olscamp Sloan

Administrative Assistant

Stéphanie Olscamp Sloan

Why you chose your animal

Butterfly – “The butterfly is said to represent endurance, change, hope, and life. Also, much like butterflies, I love flowers and plants which they lovingly pollinate to help grow beautiful colours that dance in the wind.”


As the Administration Assistant, Stéphanie helps ensure the smooth running of the Edinburgh office on a day to day basis, as well as coordinating meetings, overseas travel and accommodations for the KidsOR team. She enjoys helping others as much as possible, so she tends to bounce from department to department lending a hand where needed.

“The best part about working at KidsOR is being part of such a dynamic team that strives to ensure life dependent surgeries are available to children in need.”

Prior to KidsOR, Stéphanie’s career was predominantly within the Tourism & Hospitality sector as well as Fundraising & Events for a Hospice Organisation in Canada. While on a backpacking adventure through Europe in 2014 she came to Scotland and instantly felt at home. Since then she has permanently moved to Edinburgh to be with her husband.

Outside of KidsOR you will find Stéphanie either wild camping or with a handful of flowers foraging in the forest to find the perfect greenery to complete wild bouquets. If you see her indoors, she is likely in the kitchen cooking up something tasty to share.

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