Low poly animal

Rachel Waddell

Interim Office Manager

Rachel Waddell

Why you chose your animal

Butterfly - "I have chosen the butterfly as my animal as this reminds me of the “butterfly effect” with the idea, conceived by a meteorologist, that the flutter of its wings in one country could trigger a hurricane in another country, meaning that small actions by our team can result in high impact changes in another part of the world."


As the Interim Office Manager, Rachel supports the team with operational tasks and services across a broad range of office functions. These include facilities management, travel arrangements, event organisation, personnel records, office supplies procurement and any other operational needs necessary.

"I enjoy working for Kids OR as I feel that I am contributing to a worthwhile cause and my input is ultimately helping to make a real difference to improve the lives of others. I find it rewarding working across a wide variety of tasks and collaborating with team members who are passionate about what they do."

Rachel originally trained as an architect at Edinburgh University and has worked in a variety of design, construction and project management roles in London, Hong Kong and Germany with a focus on the retail sector. As part of her move back to Scotland, she decided that she wanted a new direction for my professional life. In wanting to be involved in a role with meaning & purpose whilst utilising her business skills she believes she has found that combination at KidsOR.

Rachel has recently returned to the UK after living abroad for nearly 30 years, with 23 years spent in Asia and 5 years in Europe. She enjoys being outdoors and hiking and loves wandering around the familiar haunts of Edinburgh sampling the rich and varied offerings of this wonderful city.

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