Low poly animal

Nataliia Pisotska

Finance Assistant & Data Entry Specialist

Nataliia Pisotska

Why you chose your animal

Dolphin – “I love dolphins for their beauty, grace and playfulness. They also live in close social groups and show great intelligence and care for their young which appeals to me a lot as they show us how important family and friends are to us.”


As the Finance Assistant & Data Entry Specialist at KidsOR, Nataliia is responsible for a number of financial roles including looking after purchase invoices, data input, bank reconciliations and journal input.

"I am thrilled to be part of the KidsOR team and the great work which is undertaken for the benefit of children worldwide."

Nataliia has a degree in accounting and audit and has previously worked in the finance and payroll departments in retail, transportation hospitality and educational sectors, so she brings a wealth of experience to the financial operations of KidsOR. She is also completing a Masters in International Accounting and Management on a part time basis.

Nataliia fell in love with Scotland and Edinburgh when she visited some years ago and has since moved here permanently. She loves photography and takes 100's of photos on every trip she takes. She also enjoys running, cycling, costal walks, golf and yoga.

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