Low poly animal

Michelle Andrade

Data Collector - Ecuador

Michelle Andrade


Hospital de los Valles – Quito, Ecuador

Why you chose your animal

Andean Bear - We can still find Andean bears here in my country, but they are a protected species in danger of extinction.


I am a teaching and research assistant at Hospital de los Valles in Quito, Ecuador. I spend part of my time working as a KidsOR data collector, and part of my time serving as the link between the hospital and the University San Francisco de Quito. I am happy to be part of the KidsOR project because it’s allowed me to more closely experience the hard and important work of doctors and nurses – especially with kids.

For me it’s important to contribute to a project that seeks to help children through surgical services. Every day has been one of learning for me, especially in medical terms.

When I’m not working at the hospital, I love sharing time with my family, boyfriend, and friends. One of my favourite things to do is go up to the mountains, just listening to them gives me peace.