Low poly animal

Hailey Zislis

Health Program Evaluation Specialist

Hailey Zislis

Why you chose your animal

Shark – "I admire their tenacity and adaptability. Fossil records show they have lived on the earth for 450 million years. This makes sharks older than trees!"


Hailey evaluates and measures the impact of KidsOR’s work and its overall return on investment. The most important part of her work is leading KidsOR’s research and data program in collaboration with local surgical teams and their academic partners.

“I love being part of an organisation of doers who are determined to transform the lives of tens of thousands of children every year.”

Hailey attended the University of Edinburgh, where she was awarded a Master of Arts with Honours from New College and a Master of Public Health with Distinction from the Medical School. Her core research interests lie at the intersections of data, ethics and implementation.

Originally from Southern California, Hailey made the move to Edinburgh over ten years ago. She loves to travel, practise yoga and her cat, Pixel. Hailey also loves to cook elaborate meals and is keenly involved in the Edinburgh Jewish community.