Low poly animal

Frantzy Féné

Data Collector - Haiti

Frantzy Féné


St Damien’s Hospital – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Why you chose your animal

Lion - I am a native lion and find this animal – the king of the jungle – fascinating, strong, and courageous! Its power makes it formidable.


I am a quantitative economist with a degree in linguistics. I work at St Damien’s Hospital as a data officer. My job is to process and analyse data across our monitoring and evaluation activities.

Working with KidsOR is a good opportunity to learn new things and open up my skills to a wider horizon. I have not been disappointed! Surgery is a delicate process – so it is imperative to have good information to guarantee good research, resource management, and decision-making. I therefore find my work important and essential to the proper functioning of the department.

I feel lucky to belong to a vast network where I can grow and get closer to my dream of becoming a data scientist. 

Apart from my work, I read and write a lot. I am a poet and this art occupies a good part of my free time. I’m also very invested in developing my community. I host a radio program called MOUN which advocates human discourse.

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