Low poly animal

Francesca Aras

Biomedical Engineer

Francesca Aras

Why you chose your animal

Bear - "I chose the spectacled bear because, like them, I am native to the Andes mountains. We also share common interests: eating fruit and avoiding Jaguars."


Francesca is KidsOR’s biomedical engineer. She works with clinical and technical staff around the world to find the right equipment for the needs of each partner hospital. She is also involved in the purchasing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of this medical equipment, providing ongoing technical support to colleagues around the world.

“I love being part of an amazing team and having so much opportunity to learn and innovate. With projects moving quickly, there is a new and different challenge every day."

Before working for KidsOR, Francesca completed a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London and worked in the healthcare industry in South America.

Francesca grew up in Chile and Spain, and now lives in Fife with her partner Alex. Outside work, she enjoys cooking, being outdoors and is a keen collector of unfinished craft projects.

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