Low poly animal

Euan MacNeish

Fundraising Manager

Euan MacNeish

Why you chose your animal

Lion - "I chose the lion because we both like sitting in the sun and have a tendency to get a bit beardy. They also have a spotty stage during adolescence!"


As Fundraising Manager, Euan actively encourages public involvement – raising awareness by organising fundraisers and speaking to people who are passionate about improving the lives of children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

“I love fundraising for KidsOR because I am reminded of the kindness and compassion that people have every day. I am in awe of the lengths they go to raise money, donate or volunteer their time to help us.”

A couple of broken legs put paid to Euan’s football career and so instead he has turned his attention to running, going to music festivals, cooking with his girlfriend and sampling fine wine.

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