Low poly animal

David Findlay

PR & Communications Manager

David Findlay

Why you chose your animal

Whale – “The Blue Whale is the largest creature in the world, and yet it is so gentle and serene. I marvel at the thousands of miles they travel every year, and, in all sincerity, I believe Blue Whales will play an integral part in safeguarding our planet if and when the climate crisis deepens.”


As the PR & Communications Manager, David is responsible for spreading the word about the fantastic work being undertaken by KidsOR. David works closely with the media to tell the many amazing stories that are happening every day within the organisation.

“I think the work that KidsOR does is incredible, and it is a genuine pleasure for me to be something of a mouthpiece for that. We have so many life-changing stories to be told, and the more we can do that, the more the public will want to support our cause.”

David, who lives in East Lothian, has spent the past seven years working for some of the country’s leading charities, including Poppyscotland, Children in Scotland and Shelter Scotland. Prior to that, he spent almost a decade-and-a-half working as a newspaper writer and editor, working at The Sunday Times, The Scotsman and the Daily Express, among others.

When he is not wearing his Comms Hat and wielding his dreaded red pen, David likes to play golf and tennis, and enjoying a few drinks with friends and family. He also loves House Music and enjoys DJing… much to the ire of his long-suffering neighbours.

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