Low poly animal

Ben Marshall

Fundraising and Communications Executive

Ben Marshall

Why you chose your animal

Chimpanzee – “I chose the Chimpanzee because I can resonate with the social side of the primate. A community of chimpanzees reminds me of the group at KidsOR, loyal, sociable, however, there were few similarities on the monkey bars on our team day in Dundee.”


As the Fundraising and Communications Executive, Ben’s responsibilities are twofold. On the one hand, he assists in the planning, organisation and running of fundraising events. On the other hand, he assists the Digital Communications team with the running of social media and analytics.

“When I first heard of KidsOR I was amazed by all the incredible work they do. Their nuance and sustainable approach to the issue of paediatric care is something that really appeals to me. The work I do here really feels like I am making a difference, being reminded of all the selflessness in the world, and the positive workforce is why I love working at KidsOR.”

Outside of work Ben is a keen sportsman playing rugby and football. He enjoys going out with his mates and has been known to pick up a bagpipe when requested.

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