Emergency Uganda Covid Appeal

Uganda is experiencing an unprecedented wave of coronavirus deaths.

A chronic shortage of oxygen concentrators means that Ugandan hospitals cannot offer lifesaving care. People are dying because they don’t have the equipment needed to help them survive the virus. 

Before the pandemic, Uganda’s hospitals were already  understaffed and overburdened. Covid cases in Uganda have doubled since the beginning of June, with just 1.5% of the population vaccinated. This surge will have devastating implications for a country that has one doctor for every 25,000 people. In contrast, there is one doctor per every 1,000 people in high-income countries. 

Your support will help us in a race against time for the people of Uganda.

Kids Operating Room has delivered nearly 200,000 individual items to equip paediatric operating rooms in low- and middle-income countries since 2018. Our expertise and contacts with local hospitals and doctors mean we are one of the few organisations able to respond at pace to the Covid crisis unfolding in Uganda.  We have already been entrusted by the Scottish Government to deliver similar lifesaving supplies in its partner countries, Zambia, Malawi and Rwanda. Kids Operating Room’s model is to listen to local doctors and give them what they need. The message from Uganda today is loud and clear.  They need our help to rapidly deliver oxygen concentrators to a health service that is on its knees.   

For every £1,000 raised, we  will  provide a lifesaving  oxygen concentrator  to a  Ugandan  hospital in need. Each will deliver oxygen to many Ugandans in critical condition.

Normally, KidsOR works to save children’s lives by facilitating access to safe surgery in Africa and beyond. However, today it is our moral obligation to respond to this crisis and help our partner hospitals fight the deadly pandemic. Our supporters have shown incredible generosity to build operating rooms, and a brighter future, for children across the world.  Today the people of Uganda urgently need that same compassion.  Please donate today.


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