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Pan African Paediatric Surgery E-Learning Programme (PAPSEP)

PAPSEP is the world's first Pan-African training platform for children's surgery.

Built in collaboration by RCSI Institute of Global Surgery and Kids Operating Room, in partnership with College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and West African College of Surgeons (WACS), this e-learning platform brings a programme of high-level education to paediatric surgeons across Africa.

It was developed using participatory curriculum development approach where trainers and trainees of both colleges were engaged throughout the curriculum development process, from initial planning to delivery and evaluation.

The Programme ensures that all trainees, across different training environments, have access to a structured curriculum, context appropriate material and resources for further study. It is designed to meet the needs of trainee surgeons working in hospitals with limited resources and to be both an important educational resource and a multinational paediatric surgical learning community.

PAPSEP consists of 108 modules: 81 self-guided and 27 facilitated discussions. It is delivered over 3 years with all trainees using the same modules at the same time irrespective of their year of training.


List of Authors & Topics
Abantanga, F. A., Agbara, K. S. (2021). Intussusception in Children.
Amado, V. (2023). Undescended and Impalpable Testes.
Ameh, E. (2021). Abdominal Hernias and Groin Conditions.
Ameh, E., Seyi-Olajide, J. (2023). Perineal Injury and Pelvic Fracture in Boys.
Anyanwu, P. (2021). Child with Frothing and Choking at Feeds.
Appeadu-Mensah, W. (2022). Bladder and Cloacal Anomalies in Children.
Aronson, D. C. (2023). A Child with a Firm Mass in the Right Flank.
Bankole, R. (2021). Acute Abdomen – Intestinal Perforation and Typhoid.
Bankole, R. (2021). Blunt Abdominal Trauma.
Bankole. R. (2023). Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis, and Pyomyositis.
Baumgarten, H., Petroze, R. (2024). Adrenal Masses.
Borgstein, E. (2021). A Child with Dyspnoea and Stridor.
Botelho, F., Poenaru, D. (2021). Vascular Access and Feeding Tubes.
Bradshaw, C., Nandi, B. (2022). Intestinal Obstruction.
Chaziya, P., Urdal, A. (2022). Poor Urine Stream.
Chilunjika, T. (2022). Germ-Cell Tumours and Teratomas.
Chirdan, L. (2021). Bile Vomiting in the Newborn.
Derbew, M. (2023). Corrosive Ingestion..pdf
Desalu, I. (2023). Monitoring.
Dreyer, J. S. (2021). Understanding the Principles of Surgical Research and Audit.
Dreyer, J. S. (2022). Basic Statistics for Surgeons.
Driver, C. (2021). Visiting Intensive/Neonatal Care: Assessing the Newborn, Nutrition and Sepsis Including Antibiotic Management.
Driver, C. (2022). The Premature Infant with a Tense Shiny Abdomen.
Driver, C. (2023). Urinary Tract Stones in Children.
Getachew, D. (2024). Burns.
Glover-Addy, H. (2022). Acute Scrotum.
Glover-Addy, H. (2023). Appendicitis.
Glover-Addy, H. (2023). Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).
Hadley, L. (2021). Malignant Abdominal Tumours in Children in Africa.
Hadley, L. (2022). Nephroblastoma: Surgical Perspective.
Hadley, L. (2023). The Principles of Patient Transfer.
Hansen, E. (2021). Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Children.
Hesse, A. (2021). Post-Operative Ward Round: Pain Control, Monitoring, IV Fluid Management.
Hesse, A. (2024). Complications of Male Circumcision in Children.
Jacobson, L., Mlay, H., Kim, E. K., Buname, G. (2023). Sinuses/Cysts of the Head and Neck; Anomalies of the Lip, Face and Tongue.
Kisa, P. (2022). Upper Urinary Tract Dilatation.


Kisa, P. (2024). Flank Masses in Infants.
Klazura, G., Ozgediz, D. (2022). Surgical Aspect of Infectious Diseases.
Kumwenda, K. K. (2023). Traumatic Brain Injury and Intracranial Haematoma.
Lakhoo, K. (2022). Prenatal Counselling for Surgical Patients.
Lawal, T. (2022). Delayed Passage of Meconium and the Constipated Baby.
Lawal, T., Agbara, K. (2023). Making a Good Stoma.
Levitt, M. (2024). Anorectal Malformations.
Lukman Olajide, A. R. (2022). Gastrointestinal Duplication.
Lukman Olajide, A. R. (2022). Jaundice and Hepatobiliary Disease in Children.
Manu, S. O. (2024). Neonatal Physiology and Sepsis.
Mapurisa, A. (2021). Newborn With Sacral Mass.
Mapurisa, A. (2023). Diagnosis and Treatment of Sarcomas.
Mouafo Tambo, F. F. (2022). Abdominal Wall Defects, Gastroschisis and Omphalocele: Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment.
Nandi, B. (2023). Dysphagia - The Child with Swallowing Difficulties.
Nasir, A. (2022). Abnormalities of Thyroid & Thyroglossal Cyst.
Nasir, A. (2022). Surgical Site Infection.
Nasir, A. (2023). Lateral Neck Lumps and Salivary Glands Swellings.
O'Dea, A., O'Kelly, F., Doherty, E. (2022). Professionalism: Confidentiality and Mentoring.
O'Kelly, F. (2023). Bladder Exstrophy.
O'Kelly, F., O'Dea, A., Doherty, E. (2022). Professionalism: Informed Consent.
Okoye, O. G. (2023). Soft Tissue Injuries and Soft Tissue Complications of Skeletal Trauma.
Okoye, O. G. (2023). Stab Wounds and Gunshot Wounds in Children.
Okoye, O. G. (2023). Vascular Injuries.
Purcell, L., Hansen, E. (2023). Shock.
Seyi-Olajide, J. (2023). Bites and Poisoning.
Seyi-Olajide, J., Ameh, E. (2023). Spleen.
Seyi-Olajide, J., Bankole, R. (2022). Hypospadias and Epispadias.
Seyi-Olajide, J., Youngson, G. (2023). Projectile Vomiting.
Shinondo, P., Lofberg, K. (2022). Empyema Thoracis.
Thomson, E., Quinn, F. (2024). The Wet Child (Part 1).
Thomson, E., Quinn, F. (2024). The Wet Child (Part 2).
van As, S. (2021). Pneumothorax and Chest Wall Injury.
Wiersma, R. (2022). Ambiguous Genitalia.
Youngson, G. (2021). Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons in Training (NOTSS): Situation Awareness and Decision Making
Youngson, G. (2021). Non-Technical Skills: Communication, Team Performance and Leadership.
Youngson, G. (2021). Patient Safety in Paediatric Surgery.
Youngson, G. (2022). Running a Busy Outpatient Clinic.
Youngson, G. (2022). Running an Efficient Operating List.
Youngson, G. (2022). Sitting and Setting Examinations.
Youngson, G. (2022). Triage & Major Incident Management.
Youngson, G. (2022). Working in Multidisciplinary Teams: MDTs, Handovers, Conflict Resolution, Respecting Views.
Youngson, G. (2023). Chronic Swelling of The Lower Limb: Haemangiomas, Lymphangioma and AV Anomalies.
Youngson, G. (2023). Medical Error and Disclosure.
Youngson, G. (2023). Surgical Drains: Risks and Benefits, Use and Misuse.
Youngson, G., Ameh, E. (2024). Acute Respiratory Distress in the Newborn.

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