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Nahusenay's journey...

Nahusenay is one of twin boys.

At birth, his mother, Berhan, noticed that he was suffering from a worrying birth defect, that was causing him issues with urinating.

She took him to a private hospital, who diagnosed Nahusenay with hypospadias a congenital issue affecting the urethra. They were told he needed multiple operations to fix it, and they couldn't afford the cost.

They were referred to Menelik Hospital, a facility with a KidsOR Operating Room and had the equipment and surgeons who could handle the case.

Nahusenay underwent three successful operations, curing him from his condition, and allowing him to have a normal childood.

His mother, Berhan, told us, "I'm so happy at the services we have received here at Menelik. Nahusenay is very playful, and with completion of his treatment, I'm happy that he will live to his pull potential."

Nahusenay attends day care and will join school next month.

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