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Child-friendly surgeries

Why child-friendly spaces?

The distinct graphic animals you'll see on the walls of our Operating Rooms have become a huge part of who we are. The bright colours make them instantly recognisable. While they look amazing, they actually serve a special purpose: they are designed to offer reassurance and a colourful distraction for children about to undergo surgery. The animals are the last thing a child sees before falling asleep with the anaesthetic.

How the designs come together

Our designer Sarah created the iconic animals: “We take inspiration from the animals and the landscape of the country we are working in. It might be rainforests, jungle, savanna or a desert. We produce geometric patterns which pop with colour and really stand out. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before our animals make their journey to partner hospitals all over the world. I love to think of them looking down providing reassurance to so many children around the world.”



Dr. Angelica Ponguta, a Research Scientist in the Child Study Center at Yale Institute for Global Health, discusses the research behind our bright designs

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