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Tour of life-saving facilities for KidsOR key figures


Co-Founder Nicola Wood and Trustee Lilli Buffet visited our Dundee Centre of Global Operations to mark the organisation reaching a number of major milestones: including 70,000 operations completed to date, 100 operations now being carried out daily, and over one million years of disability prevented from ever happening.

The Dundee team play a crucial role in reaching these figures, carrying out surveys of hospitals, testing and packing surgical equipment and managing installations in hospitals across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Nicola said: “The Dundee centre is the hub for all of our work and our team here contribute first-hand to strengthening healthcare systems and creating a sustainable impact across everything we do.

“Our ambition has always been to transform children’s access to safe surgery. By working with each country’s Ministry of Health we are helping to close the gap in the provision of safe and accessible paediatric surgery for even the most remote and vulnerable children.

“Every child should have access to safe surgery when they need it – it is a basic human right. In many of the countries we work in, a broken leg can be a life sentence. 

My eldest child, who required surgical intervention to save her life, would likely not have been here today had she been born in a low- or middle-income country and I know many of our team have similar stories to tell.”

Lili Buffett, making her first visit to the Dundee team having joined the Board in 2021, said: “It is an honour to be visiting the team here in Dundee and learning more about their work that is now integral to the provision of care for children in 26 different countries. Speaking to our amazing staff team has been hugely insightful and it is impressive to see what goes on behind the scenes in this global movement of medical supplies."

"While today marks an important milestone – more than one million years of disability prevented through the provision of timely surgical interventions and more than 70,000 children having accessed care, we know there is still a long way to go until we can say that every child has access to safe surgery when they need it. We know that’s a key pillar of the sustainable development goals and I look forward to working closely with the entire KidsOR team to ensure we make that a reality.”

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