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Life-changing solar surgery partnership announced...


Yesterday, Monday 4th December, at COP28, Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf announced a major step towards safer surgery for children across the world!

We're delighted that the Scottish Government have dedicated major support to Kids Operating Room's groundbreaking Solar Surgery System. Their significant backing will see Solar Surgery installed in 15 Operating Rooms across 13 hospitals in Malawi, Rwanda & Zambia.

Our Solar System is changing lives. First announced in 2022, the system went on to first be installed in Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania & Zimbabwe, providing these countries with reliable and efficient power at all times. The system, developed in partnership with Smile Train, also picked up the Best Use of Technology and the Charity Sustainability Awards at the 2023 Charity Times awards.

The need for this technology is enormous. In low- and middle-income countries, power outages are both common and frequent. For surgeons in these countries, inconsistent power during operations is time consuming, dangerous and has potentially fatal consequences.

Identifying this need, the Solar Surgery System was created. The system utilises a 'smart battery', linked to solar panels at the site, which creates a sustainable source of energy that these facilities could rely upon consistently.

We're grateful to the Scottish Government for their support. Increased access to Solar Surgery for Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia comes with a multitude of positives. By guaranteeing consistent power, patient safety, and therefore surgical outcomes, are immediately improved. This, in turn, allows children to get through the hospital system quicker and more safely, allowing them to return to school in a shorter period.

On top of patient safety, the system helps remove approximately 2.6 tonnes of carbon each year per Operating Room. It also impacts the hospital as a whole, reducing their running costs and increasing equipment's lifetime.

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