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The Scholar Class of 2023!


The next generation of healthcare in Africa

We're thrilled to introduce you to our Scholar Class of 2023, the next generation of paediatric surgeons in Africa!

These doctors, from nine different African nations, will undergo 3-6 years of surgical training. The scholarship they receive covers a number of different fees associated with their training.

Our class of '23 includes (L-R); Dr. Foba Benedithe, Dr. Jack Patrick Tshibaka, Dr. Nantenza Sumayiya, Dr. Alagie Baldeh, Dr. Senior Banda, Dr. Mohammed Salim, Dr. Dauphin Muryango, Dr. Yvette Mwanza, Dr. Kwizera Donata, Dr. Lyness Mahone, Dr. Vincent Mulenga, Dr. Pempho Damson, Dr. Tamara Kaemba & Dr. Joanne Mtsundano.

Dr. Joanne Mtsundano, a scholar based in Malawi.

Dr. Joanne Mtsundano, a scholar based in Malawi.

We are incredibly grateful to a number of organisations for their collaboration on this life-saving project; Smile Train, ELMA Philanthropies, COSECSA, WACS and CMSA.

By investing in training and development of LMIC healthcare professionals, we're taking a significant step towards reducing the staggering global mortality rates stemming from non-communicable diseases.

These doctors are helping fight the critical lack of workforce in surgical care in low & middle-income countries.

The urgent need is clear. LMICs account for just 19% of the global surgery workforce however constitute 80% of deaths worldwide from non-communicable diseases.

That's why we're so proud of the work these scholars are taking on.

The knowledge and experience they will gain on this journey is key to building strong, sustainable global health systems. Ultimately, they will save countless children's lives.

We'll be hearing from these scholars regularly as they take on their journey. If you'd like to be first to hear, make sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media below.

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