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New Children's Operating Room in DRC


We are delighted to announce that the renovated paediatric Operating Room at CBCA Bethesda Hospital, Democratic Republic of Congo, has recently been inaugurated. This marks another successful project through our partnership with Smile Train.

The unveiling of the new Operating Room was led by North Kivu Head Officer of provincial Division, Dr. Kubuya. Ceremonious singing and speeches were followed by the reveal of the new OR fit with state-of-the-art equipment, an internal redevelopment, and a welcoming feel provided by the bright, colourful artwork which ensures the children are relaxed and comfortable when in the operating room.

Why Operating Rooms for children are important

This OR is vitally important because, as research shows, half of Africa's population (1.3B) are children. It is estimated that 85% of children in Africa will require some form of surgical care by the age of 15. Given the anticipated population growth of Africa, there will be a significant need for paediatric surgical interventions. This OR allows children safe access to life-saving surgeries while in a calm and comforting environment.

“Quality paediatric care and the cost attached to it is often out of reach for many underserved communities. Being able to prioritize paediatric surgery at the local community goes a long way in improving the quality of life children lead in future”.

Dr. Kubuya

What this partnership will achieve

The long-term collaboration of KidsOR and Smile Trian will ultimately result in more than 30 paediatric Operating Rooms provided across countries in Africa over the next five years, treating more than 12,000 children.

In partnership with the West African College of Surgeons and the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa, Smile Train and KidsOR will also support training and education for more than 40 surgeons across Africa, building long-term local surgical capacity.

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