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Namibia prioritising the lives of children.


At Kids Operating Room, we believe that a child's access to surgery is an essential human right. In the expansive landscape of healthcare, it's often the littlest lives that need the most attention.

That's why we're delighted that Namibia has made an incredible commitment towards paediatric surgery - by including it in their National Surgical, Obstetric, and Anaesthesia Plan (NSOAP) for 2023-2027.

This is a monumental step. Incorporating paediatric surgery in a NSOAP is an acknowledgement of the the unique surgical needs of children.

In surgery in LMICs, children are often treated as 'small adults'.

They're not.

Their healthcare requirements differ significantly. From neonatal conditions to adolescent surgical interventions, specialised care is a necessity.

The NSOAP also addresses the issue of access to care. Families in Namibia have historically faced the stress of having to travel long distances in search of the right care for their children. This imposes a considerable financial burden on parents and delays the care for the child, putting their health at serious risk. The emotional and financial stress of seeking care far away from home cannot be overstated. By helping reduce this, the NSOAP will have a life-changing impact on thousands of families.

Last year, Kids Operating Room refurbished a dedicated theatre for children at Windhoek Central Hospital, the first of its kind in the country. Having dedicated theatres for children not only strengthens the quality of care but is a step towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Ultimately, paediatric surgery's inclusion will reduce death and disabilities among children. Early intervention can prevent complications, minimise suffering, and save lives. This isn't just about healthcare; it's about securing a healthier and brighter future for children.

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