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KidsOR Scholar reaches surgical residency milestone


Dr Lubna Tarmahomed is currently undertaking a paediatric surgical residency at The Mercy James Centre for Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care in Malawi. 

Dr Lubna is part of the KidsOR surgical class of 2021, having joined the training programme over six months ago. When training to become a paediatric surgeon, there is one milestone every trainee should always celebrate: having participated in over 100 surgeries.

As a surgical resident, Dr Lubna is always on the move. On top of doing daily rounds and completing her training with COSECSA (College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa), she attends weekly radiology teachings where they discuss difficult cases; weekly journal clubs where they discuss new research; and specialised surgery workshops. 

But that's not all. She is also responsible for supervising and teaching medical students during rounds and interns in the ward.

She is slowly becoming more confident in her abilities as a surgeon and is now able to perform amputations and colostomies with minimal supervision. With a little more training, she will soon be able to perform appendicectomies. She hopes to get more exposure to bowel anastomosis before she's able to perform them unsupervised.

Huge congratulations to Dr Lubna for reaching this huge milestone in her surgical residency.

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