Sofa to Summit

Sofa to Summit started while we were in lockdown, but everyone enjoyed it so much that you can now do it to raise funds for Kids Operating Room any time!

Your Munro Bagging, mountain climbing or hiking holiday can become lifesaving by fundraising for Kids Operating Room. By breaking down some of the world’s most iconic climbs into manageable chunks you can take on challenges you only dreamt of using hills and walks available to you! By climbing Ben Nevis 5 times you would have ascended Mount Kilimanjaro (and then some). Always fancied Macchu Piccu? The apex of Everest? No flights or training camps required - just a desire to fundraise for Kids Operating Room.

It’s a great way to spend time as a family, tick something off the bucket-list (at a fraction of the cost!) or work towards a fitness goal. It could even be a school project. Contact to join in!

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