Donate your birthday to KidsOR!

A birthday fundraiser can help us save children’s lives in the world’s poorest countries.
And it’s quick and easy to do!

I want to donate my birthday

Tips for Fundraising Success

  1. Invite your friends and family to get some early donations in and get the ball rolling! People are more likely to donate if you’ve already received donations
  2. Share your reasons for fundraising for Kids Operating Room on your page and when you post any updates. A pre-recorded video or going live will really grab people’s attention.
  3. Make sure you involve people. Commenting and thanking people for donations will get everyone excited about hitting your goal. And if you hit it, why not push it a little bit higher to encourage even more donations?
  4. Add photos, videos or information to your posts – we’ll even let you share some of ours! Remember to add the link to your fundraiser on these posts.
  5. Share the love and say thank you back!
  6. Be good to yourself – it’s your birthday and you deserve it!

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