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Doctors deserve the resources to save children's lives.

Kids Operating Room exist to bring safe surgery to every child

1.75 billion children globally cannot get the operations they need because the facilities, resources and knowledge base simply do not exist. Children who break a leg shouldn’t live the rest of their lives in disability. Babies who need a simple 30-minute procedure shouldn’t be left to die. 

Our mission is to support local doctors through the provision of training and infrastructure to ensure they can use their incredible talents to care for their nation’s children. Our vision is for a world where every child is treated equally.

We install and equip children's Operating Rooms in the world's poorest countries

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We put life-saving tools in life-changing hands

"The greatest pain is knowing how to change a child's life, but not having the equipment to do it."

The surgeons we work with have the knowledge and talent to save a child’s life - but not the tools. They are often forced to operate under torchlight using adult-sized instruments or with broken or faulty equipment. That's why we equip the Operating Rooms with more than 3,000 surgical items and specialist equipment based on each hospital's needs.

We train surgical teams to build sustainable healthcare systems

The biggest barrier to safe and timely surgical care is a severe shortage of paediatric surgeons and anaesthesiologists. In Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso we provided the first dedicated paediatric Operating Room in the country. With dedicated theatres to operate, what’s needed are more trained medics with the skills to save lives. 

That's why we work with national College of Surgeons to focus on the training of paediatric surgeons, anaesthetists, and biomedical engineers as well as offer surgical training scholarships for general surgeons to specialise in paediatric care. 


Can you imagine having to perform surgery with a phone torch as your light source?

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