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Tommy McGlynn

Head of Trusts & Foundations

Tommy McGlynn

Why you chose your animal

Butterfly - "Butterflies are a great symbol of what connects us in this world. They know no borders and those that we find in our gardens and parks in Scotland may have first fluttered in Chad, Benin or Senegal! Their journeys and audacious spirit should inspire us all."


Having studied Social Enterprise at The Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Tommy is passionate about the intersection of health, economics and the third sector. A big believer in effective altruism, he looks forward to generating income to tackle inequalities and promote egalitarian values through the incredible work of KidsOR.

Outside of the fundraising world, Tommy follows the mighty Motherwell FC, enjoys trying (but forever failing) to learn a second language and, most of all, appreciates spending time with friends and family.

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