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Timothy Kimutai

Data Collector - Somalia

Timothy Kimutai

Eagle - The Eagle soaring above the storm is inspirational meaning despite challenges keep up the good work.

As a data collector at Kalkaal Hospital and KidsOR, my primary responsibility is to gather and organize essential information related to the hospital's operations, patient care, and surgical procedures. I work closely with the medical staff, administrators, and other team members to ensure accurate and up-to-date data collection.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working for KidsOR is the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of children in need. KidsOR's mission to provide safe and accessible surgical care to children around the world resonates deeply with me. Being part of an organization that strives to improve surgical outcomes and reduce health inequalities brings immense satisfaction and fulfilment to my work. Moreover, collaborating with a passionate and dedicated team at Kalkaal Hospital and KidsOR has further fuelled my enthusiasm for the cause.

When I am not immersed in my role as a data collector, I enjoy pursuing various hobbies and interests. I am an avid reader and love exploring different genres of literature. Cooking is another passion of mine, and I find joy in experimenting with new recipes and flavours. I also appreciate spending time in nature, whether it's going for long walks or engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and camping. These interests provide me with the balance and rejuvenation I need to excel in my professional endeavours.

I am truly grateful to be part of the Kalkaal Hospital and KidsOR team, and I look forward to contributing to our collective mission of providing quality surgical care to children.

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