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Low poly animal

Tiendrebeogo Hippolyte Theodore

Data Collector - Burkina Faso

Tiendrebeogo Hippolyte Theodore


CHU Pediatrique CDG – Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Why you chose your animal

Eagle - The eagle has good vision and is patient. They move with precision to achieve their objectives and they can see an anticipate what is coming their way.


I am a health attaché in surgery, on duty in the operating room here at CHUPCDG. Previously, I served for eight years in the provinces of the northern region of Burkina Faso as a rural nurse manager.

Here, data collection and analysis were part of the minimum package of health activities.

At CHUPCDG, I’m a surgeon’s assistant. However, given my extensive experience in data collection, I was very pleased to become involved in this work with KidsOR because it improves our supply of quality care.

As leisure, I enjoy sport on the evenings and weekends – in particular football, jogging, and walking.

I also like to travel inside my country to discover tourist sites.

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