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Therno Diallo

Data Collector - Senegal

Therno Diallo

Why you chose your animal

Lion – “I identify myself with the lion by his courage and bravery in overcoming life's challenges.”


I am very interested in KidsOR programme because of its research perspective. But prior to that, I believe that any support and care to children has a great value for the future. I am proud to contribute to the development of the future generation. This will be achieved by reducing mortality among children and ensuring their proper development. Children, due to their life expectancy offer a unique opportunity for care and long term follow up.

I’m motivated to be a Data Collector by the importance that I attach to research. My doctoral degree thesis consisted of a multicenter study across Senegal to study infertility. In 2016, I was the project manager in an NIH funded study covering the period 2015-2020 and involving centers in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. One of my duties was the data collection and uploading in a Redcap Database. Such experiences makes me comfortable undertaking KidsOR's project.

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