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Low poly animal

Tarcisio Osorio

Data Collector - Mozambique

Tarcisio Osorio


Maputo Central Hospital, Mozambique.

Why you chose your animal

Seahorse – “Small animal, full of ideas to overcome various obstacles.”


After having worked with pledge on the implementation of the New Emergency Bulletin at the Maputo Central Hospital, where I had the opportunity to work with fantastic people in collecting data about the instrument, I was able to discuss relevant information about the flexibility of patient care as well as In recording all patient morbidity within the SUR, KidsOR brings with it a much more sensitive particularity than treating patients who are dependent on others (Children), with the aim of bringing a smile to every child around the world.

When I'm away from work, I love spending time with my family, reading, dancing, and teaching my dance classes, as I'm a Dancer and Sports Dance Choreographer.

Graduated in Labor Economics, having worked in the statistics area for over 5 years, I was responsible for the Statistics area of the Adult Emergency Service at the Maputo Central Hospital for 4 years. At the moment, I focus on the implementation project with the Special Clinic of the Maputo Central Hospital in the implementation of the Patient Management System, PHC.

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