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Low poly animal

Tabuanu Oghenechovwen Nancy

Data Collector - Nigeria

Tabuanu Oghenechovwen Nancy


UATH, Abuja-Nigeria

Why you chose your animal

I picked the Eagle because of its visionary and foresightedness, tenacious and fearless as well as its ability to nurture, train or mentor (toughness) in its young ones.


I love the fact that KidsOR provides the opportunity for paediatrics patients to be operated upon using the right equipment and without much delay in booking for surgery date. Because there is a dedicated theatre and paediatric surgeon can book patients and operate in the shortest possible time.

I am an introverted person who does little outside work. But can be very engaging in a familiar environment. I am homely and love nature. That is why the garden and the beach are ideal for my leisure if I need to go out. Sometimes I attend events so I can meet new friends and learn. I do love to explore and discuss subjects related to leadership, governance, lifestyle and value system.

I am a trained teacher and I hold a Bachelor degree from the University of Abuja, the department of (Ed) Economics.

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