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Sam Calder

Graphic Designer

Sam Calder

Why you chose your animal

I have chosen the Andean Bear AKA the spectacled bear. As I am only ever wearing my glasses or looking for them!


As a Graphic designer, I will be responsible for developing the corporate visual identity and design of materials and collateral for Kids Operating Room. I will ensure a consistent application of design across various media and inspire new ways of presenting information in an exciting and engaging way.

"I’m super excited to be part of this young organisation and shape its future. The passion and dedication of the team at KidsOR is infectious. I can’t wait to work towards the goal of providing life-saving access to care and surgery for all children.'

Working with social enterprise HeyGirls to help end period poverty is what propelled Sam's career into working on projects for social good. This project brought him to live in Uganda for a short stint as a Fellowship Facilitator with Design without Borders Africa. While there he was working with young professionals to teach them Human Centred Design. Following university, Sam worked on projects with both the United Nations and UNESCO to work towards a culture of peace across the globe. 

Outside of work, Sam loves reading all sorts of fiction, biographies and zines with unique printing methods. If you ask him what his favourite book is, he will probably say whichever he read last! Otherwise, you can find him occasionally succeeding at cooking cuisines from around the world!

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